Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I got a job at Anthropologie!

Urban is opening a bridal concept similar to Anthro! how exciting!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Okay, so I do not really keep up with celebrities,
I do not even know if they have been together long,
But seriously, CUTEST COUPLE EVER!!

Paper Mache Lettters

Paper mache letters are on sale at Hobby Lobby right now!!
Nathan and I have already made a T and an N
We bought M-U-S-I-C and A-R-T
For music we are using a black paper with old music notation paper
For art I am using a greenish stripped paper and a burlap
I think we are going to add a little more to them then just paper it seems a little boring.

Examples: (Sorry I did not put where I got these from)

Jump to my handy work Here & Here, and Here, and Here


(Who What Wear)

If my entire wardrobe could be nudes it would.