Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Project Runway season 9 episode 5

K, so let me start out by saying Project Runway is starting to bug me, this season, as well as last season.  Last season seemed to be much more drama filled than it has ever been, and this season seems to be following the same trend.  I also do not like the fact that there has not really been any straight forward challenges, does anyone else feel like this, or am I just done with the show?

So Viktor won this episode, which I think was well deserved, I also really liked Josh's look.  I think that the challenge was a little strange, because all fashionistas would agree that sneakers should really only be worn when actually working out?  I think that a lot of the designers did a really great job with this in mind though, Viktor's actually looked wearable, sneakers and all.

I am also rethinking my prediction of Oliver winning...  We will have to see I guess.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Back To school(summer-fall)

Back To school(summer-fall)

$98 -

$98 -

Pour La Victoire criss cross shoes
$89 -

Fossil jewelry
$248 -

Lace jewelry
$32 -

Floral shawl
$32 -

Artist Circle Lunch Box
$16 -

Bamboo usb flash drive 2g
$10 -

Today was my first day back to school, I have a lot of new teachers to get to know, so excited for this semester! I already got through my first class, which is Intro to fashion Merchandising, even though I am almost through my associates. My teacher seems like a great teacher, which experience. I also meet a teacher for my visual display class who has worked with American Apparel and Marc Jacobs, he obviously has some awesome experience and is young and seems to be a fun guy!
CAN"T WAIT TO LEARN and stay busy!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Project Runway Season 9

(Bert- Episode 1)

(Anthony Ryan- Episode 2)

(Kimberly- Episode 4)
(All Photos From Lifetime)

I have only posted my favorites of episode 1,2, & 4. I do not even want to talk about episode 3.
K, so let me just say, I have good feelings about a lot of people this season, I had high hopes for Julie, but obviously that didn't work out, the collection she showed before the competition started was great, but other then that her sense of style fell flat. I really, really, like Anthony Ryan, I think it is great that he is colorblind and still can make such amazing looks. Oliver is ADORABLE, his work is great and I have a feeling he is the winner. Anya is such a badass, sewing for 4 months?!

1st episode- Bert did a great job, minus his horrible styling, as soon as I saw it i was like WINNING!

2nd episode- I think that Oliver did a great job with his design, however, I do believe that he did not totally follow the competitions rules. Anthony Ryan's dress was so edgy and thoughtful, I think truthfully he should have one this episode.

3rd- No.

4th- Kimberly definitely deserved to win, her outfit was great, she listen to Nina, and she did a great job with her design and the tailoring. I was disappointed with Anthony Ryan, and Becky did a great job. I thought it was a little unfair that there was so much helping going on, don't get me wrong, it was the nice thing to do and you can understand how frustrating and nerve wrecking the competition is, but it is also not about helping each other out.. I loved Anya's fabric choice, I am surprised that Nina liked the Jumpsuit. If Kimberly didn't win Viktor was totally the next option. Oliver, hmm.. Laura's look was really cool, and I liked its structure, I think if she chose a different fabric maybe she could have one.

Color + Print

So inspiring <3

Feather Earings

I feel like they really weren't the effort though, the supplies were about $8.00 all together, which isn't that bad, all of which I will continue to use.
I still have a lot of feathers left, I would really like to do a HUGE cluster earring

I think I feel unsure about these earrings for two reasons:
1- They are super trendy and everyone has them,.. But I have always loved feathers...
2- I purchased must of the feathers in these earrings at a Sportsman's Warehouse, an associate at the store talked to my me and my sister for a half an hour about how everyone is buying all their feathers, which you would think is a good thing, profit? Of course though, the feathers have to come from some where, and the most popular feathers come from specially breed birds, all of which are being snatched up rapidly. The man told us they are selling online for hundreds of dollars, since they are not available at any stores any longer. The birds are completely featherless now probably and fly fishers are getting angry.

Good thing I purchased less popular feathers?

The September Dress!

(Urban Outfitters)

Yes, there is a video of this dress.
This is what I have dubbed as the September dress, I bought the "orange" and my sister bought the "red". So far I plan on wearing it to a causal wedding in the begging of the month and to my 21st birthday dinner. My sister is going to wear hers to the wedding, to our birthday dinner, and to Vegas for our birthday.
We will both style them totally different, to fit our specific style.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Transformers 3 Flat

This apartment is, I don't know, really awesome, but also falling apart-ish. I wish there was more pictures of the whole thing, but this is all I got!

Emma Watson

All Photos are from various editorials, but all pictures were from
I have to do an Emma post, I just recently saw the last Harry Potter, and was like hello? she is beautiful...
These are a couple of my favorite shots, she looks darling, and beautiful, and sexy in every one, and I love all of the styling for her shoots, they are so romantic and fitting just for her. Just amazing.

Again, all photos from


2 Quick Projects


So I have had this hanger on my door handle to my bedroom for a while now, I had placed it there so my cat can easily come in and out of my room when she wants, and I will no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to let her out, and I can still have privacy, with my door practically closed.(wow, run on) But the air conditioner makes it clunk against my jamb, which is so irritating, and it is not fun to look at. SOOO, I covered it with strips of cute fabric, I also attached this awesome tag, and one of my many keys! My sister just bought me the pack of tags, I love them so much and really wanted to make use out of one. I really don't know how useful the tags will be though, haha, but they are cute. I also just bought the number and letter stamp sets from Anthro. and wanted to play with them, so Voila!


Originally I wanted to make a calendar to hang out my door, since my mom is constantly asking what mine and Nathan's schedules are, but this is WAY too small. I am still planning on painting the frame, but what I did was take an old picture frame, and I painted the glass with black chalk board paint. I am now using it as a day-to-day thing I guess, but it could have so many uses! A message board, a recipe thing, a menu thing, haha, ANYTHING!