Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward in Pirates??
It is her second time doing film,
It is so weird seeing models doing film work,
when you are so used to seeing them in print.

Gemma is so pretty!!!
Love her.

Unfortunately, not so sure about how I felt about the movie.

Project Ethos!

(Unsure of who took this picture)

Me, and some other girls that I interned with
Dress: Forever 21 (My friends dress; L, makes it better!)
Necklace: unknown
Bracelets: Anthropologie

So the AZ event was this Friday, it went pretty well, everyone seemed to have a good time!
I wish my good was more hands on, there was a lot of sitting around for us,
Yet I felt unsure on what I was supposed to be doing when I was actually doing something.
Overall though, I think Project Ethos did a great job, along with everyone who was involved,
It was a great experience, and I am so happy I got to be involved.


Crewel Arcadian Garden Rug


Someone returned this rug the other day, and I just had to snatch it!
I believe it is a $1,000 rug, and since it was so old I paid $30!!

It is a little dark for my taste, but it is still awesome!

Letters- Brixton


Made these letters for my good friends new born,
They are his initials of course,
His bedroom is safari themed, so I thought they were AWESOME

DIY: Earing Holder


I made this nifty earring holder!

How To:
1 frame (no glass, just frame)
1 piece of tulle that will fit the frame (the color is not very visible so don't go to crazy)
1 staple gun
10 staples (depending on the size of your frame)

start in one area of the from and pull the tulle taught, but not taught enough to rip the fabric, and staple all around

*you cannot enclose the back of the frame with more aesthetic fabric, or you will not be able to undo post earrings
* do not put on really heavy earings

My Outfits


Top: Free People
Under Shirt: JCrew
Pants: JCrew
Boots: Steve Madden

Day time for my friends baby shower!
Top: Left of Center (Anthropologie)
Skirt: Odille (Anthropologie)
Heels: a.n.a. (JCPenny)
Necklace: Athropologie
Belt: Vintage (was my grandmothers)

Night time for sushi!
Top: Anthropologie
Bottoms: Jbrand (Anthropologie)
Heels: Seychelles (Anthropologie)
Belt: GAP

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Project Ethos!

I just started an internship at Project Ethos,
It is an awesome company that puts on red carpet events in cities all over the country.
They combine fashion, music, and art, finding local artist in each city, helping to get their names out, and make a future with what their passions are!
It is a great concept and a totally selfless company, I am so happy to be involved with this project, and I hope to help at future events as well.

Project Ethos 2011 from Project Ethos on Vimeo.

MCC Fashion Show



This is the dress I made last semester for my wearable art project
Thanks so much to the model who wore it! (I do not know her name..)
I am glad I finally have a picture of someone wearing it, yay!!

Click the link above to see some more wearable art and our other extremely talented designers at MCC!




I had to make a textile design for my college textiles class,
The top picture is the board I created to go along with my textile.
The bottom picture is the fashion illustration I drew to show my end use of my textile.
The actual textile I designed was burlap, which I did an iron on transfer on, I then stitched in some embroidery thread!

Slow down?



I live on a big piece of property, and we have people constantly coming in and out since we board horses, and have a medium sized social family.
There is one way everyone comes in and out of, which is shaded with trees so it is not easy to see if someone is coming or going, so my dad made the original sign.

The top one is pretty much what it looked like originally, it was painted white and said Slow Down in red spray paint, nice dad.
I just figured I would make it more classy if there even needed to be a sign...