Saturday, 26 February 2011

Last Chance

Free people
$78 -

Steve Madden zipper boot
$150 -

I went to Last Chance yesterday on a mission for a nice flat pair of boots,
I found a pair of Frye's but did not want to use all of the money I had,
Which I am now regretting,
But they were extremely used and am feeling okay with the purchases I ended up making
The Steve Madden boots were only $39.99 and the Free People top was $9.00

This outfit on me, Here

Thursday, 17 February 2011



"It's Not Rocket Surgeon"



With Emily Henderson from The Next Design Star.
I am so excited! I loved the first episode.
Feb. 26th it airs!! Woo



Okay, this is AWESOME
so weird to think I should have went last year... Gr.

Olivia of B.U.U.


This is Olivia, she is visiting from China, She goes to school at Beijing Union University!
She is showing us how talented she is at draping using a single pice of fabric!


Well, obviously she is EXTREMELY talented


This is a sketch that Olivia did on the computer
She first "draped" the dress, adding wires to make the petals on the side
Then after she took a picture of her design undid it
It is very unfortunate that the designs cannot be kept intact, but at least she has pictures!
So, any way, this is a sketch she did of one of the dresses she made!


This is a picture of all the students in Olivia's class and all of their draped dresses!
Olivia is in the bottom row with the petal dress that is sketched in the photo above.
(Sorry for the poor quality)

Olivia's teach "Jean" is very talented as well, I tried to find them online, but was unsuccessful
Windy, "Jean's" translator, and "Jean" did a great presentation and fashion in China. They talked about the history and the culture, it was amazing to hear about. They were lots of fun and did a great job on talking to the class about China and their fashion.
It was a wonderful experience!

My Favorite Jacket


My favorite jacket!
I have had it for like 7? years
It is American Eagle


The Jacket in action!

My "Desk"


Just thought you should know.
The numbered boxes have buttons, tape and other supplies
Vintage pencil holder
Glass Jar with old spoons
An old picture frame with scrapbook paper matte and a piece of experimental fabric (with a stupid crease :c) I used while making my first transfer.
The transfer is a Cottonwood leaf from my first burlap pillow!

Valentine's Day


I had this great idea for a Valentine's Day decoration, my boyfriends mom had this large glass apothecary which she did not know what to fill with sooo
I said we should make love letters!
The end product is not exactly what I had in mind, but it is still pretty cute,
She also added a bunch more after the picture was taken.


UnderShirt-American Eagle
Skirt-Vintage (My Little Gram's)
Shoes (which you can't see :c)-Charlotte Russe, Black Cage (weird, I know)
Hat-Vintage, Resistol
Shoes-John Varvatos, Grey Chukkas

My boyfriend and I went to Prescott for Valentine's Day,
We had a picnic,
Went to all of the antique stores, these were the only pictures I took :c
I bought Nathan an $8.00 Banana Republic sweater, a vintage fedora, and a vintage vest!
Then we ate at Chili's because I had spent a lot of money that day,... Haha, romantic!


I bought this shoe form from one of the antique stores, I am going to use it for a little display once I have my own place.
There were also a bunch of old wooden spools and bobbins that would be fun to use!

("Graffiti" in Austin Texas)

Thursday, 3 February 2011