Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Oh Snap

Makes me laugh
Why would they stop the show for a holiday when the show is at the same time every year
Go Steven!

My Buys

I bought this for myself today at Anthro
Mine is more gold
I like the sweet buttons on the sleeves and the slit pocket
It's nice and comfy


I bought all of these for a good friend that I work with as going away gifts
Her name is Liz and the detailed mug would be for her and the stronger one would be for her fiancee Lucas. I also bought her the adorable teaspoons that I bought for myself. I am hopefully going to wrap them in a cute way and write a short note for the two of them. Hopefully I get to visit her after she moves into her new house in Seattle!!

I bought three different spice containers for my mommy for mothers day, I also go her a shirt that has horrible buttons, one is missing and the others the fabric is coming off, so I am going to put a little of me into it and put on spare button that I have. Hopefully I will post it later

Antho buys!


I bought all of this adorable home stuff from Anthropologie!
I am so excited!

Sarah's House

(Sarah's House)

Cutest show ever
I love Sarah and her work!



Please don't leave me spring!