Thursday, 21 July 2011

Multi Media


I am kind of embarrassed with this and I wish I never put it up, It isn't that great, but it even still looks better in person, if you can believe it...

The original photo is of my twin sister, and was taken by our friend Kait, it was a great shoot, all of the pictures she took were so beautiful, the rain gave them a beautiful backdrop.
I painted a watercolor of these random quails, and had no idea what to do with them, so one day I decided I wanted to do a multi media design, I added my quails, some fabric flowers, feathers, and magazine cut outs, I want to add some more to it, but I need to think on it. I also want to make a frame, and add a light in the back and make it look like there are lights hanging in the tree

My Anthro Apron Design



Anthro is doing an employee contest(?) where we all can design an apron, and the company might choose an employee made design to sell in stores!
I think this is a great idea! There are so many talented people working for the company, why not let them shine!

I am a little unimpressed with what I came up with, but I NEED to submit something, I will not be happy with myself if I don't
My design was inspired by a cupcake, the top part is supposed to be like the ganache, and I wanted to use a natural, cream color, than a shot of color with the ruffles all around and the bottom is supposed to be the cupcake liner, which I wanted to have a cute little print, that would be overall on the bottom part.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Industrial/Retro Salon Meat and Bones

Trolley inspiration

Second chair option, if we don't reupholster a used chair.

Oversized letters and globes!

For the product

Clocks are from Target
Everything else is from various places, sorry...


Olive: fierce fashion.

Olive: fierce fashion.: "“ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. ” -v ogueweekend. in december i cut 12 inches of my hair, so every time i see ..."

Industrial/Retro Salon Fabric & Materials

These are some materials and fabric I pulled for this look, These fabrics are all easy to clean which will be really helpful, with hair and product every where.

DIY Salon Trolley

So within the next couple of years my boyfriend and his dad are supposed to be opening a salon. I decided I should be the one who gets to design it! I have been putting together ideas and I am leaning toward an industrial/retro look, with brick and fun patterns. I was scouting necessities and everything I am looking for is very expensive of course. Every station, will have one trolley that the stylist will keep their belongings in. There will be about 10 stations in total, and each trolley will have two baskets.


(Ace Hardware)

Wheels: $3 a piece and HomeDepot. $120
Baskets: $8 a piece at Ace Hardware. $160
Wood: Unknown (Haha)

The end product will be significantly cheaper than buying one trolley for over one hundred dollars

Maybe I will build one soon just to see how they would turn out, Nothing is for sure about the salon yet so I have a lot of time.