Tuesday, 8 September 2009

St. Judes

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So, I actually work at Chili's.
It is St. Judes month, which means we are trying to donate as much as we can to St. Judes by selling all types of things, it is probably the most exciting part of the year at Chili's.

We had a couple of leftover shirts from last years St. Judes, and one of my managers gave a couple of us shirts to decorate.
I went a little overboard, but I had a lot of fun, and it is for a great cause 

This is what I did.(sorry for the horrible quality)


This is the first one that I did, I used puffy paint and little star sequins!  I love it... haha


This is my 2nd one, and my 2nd attempt at sewing, unfortunately I cannot take full credit for it, thank you mom.  I did try very hard though.


I did sew part of the red part on the pepper, and the entire weird dark grey part.  I had a "stencil" on it thats why there are some white parts, I could have taken them out, but i felt it gave the shirt even more character.  I also made the tutu, and I sewed on the arm ruffle things.

We are selling our shirts for $20 and all of the money goes to St. Judes hospital.  No one has really taken notice to them yet but I am hoping someone will donate more for our shirts...  It really is a great cause

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