Thursday, 23 December 2010

Recent Shirts

The first one is the most recent one I have done,
It is for Nathan's new band Reach,
I used and iron on transfer, which I normally use for my pillows
I do not particularly like iron ons for t-shirts, but the Reach logo has a lot of detail to it
I am going to add star sequins all of it because the logo looks like a galaxy to me
The top is from Banana Republic

The second shirt is my oldest shirt
It is a joke "sleep" shirt
I used stencils and red fabric paint from Michael's
The shirt says $hawty Revolution
I made it at the time were every Rap/Pop song had the work "shawty" in it

The 3rd shirt is the front of the Toilet shirt
It was for Nathan's first band Plane Of Existence
They had a song called Porcelain God
Which was about a girl who was bulimic and her struggles to fit in
The front has studs which made holes in the shirt... Not what I intended
The front words and stamped with sponge letters and fabric paint
The back was made with two separate stencils I found online and fabric paint
The shirt is from Old Navy

The third shirt with the bullets is also for Plane Of Existence
The shirt has silver bullets going across the chest
I made this shirt for their song Rambo
Each shell is individually stenciled on with silver fabric paint
The shirt is from Forever 21

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