Sunday, 2 October 2011

Visual Display



What involves fake leaves and fake grass?!  Awesomness!!!

I had to design a window with a group, we were assigned to do it in a week, we had no money given and only meet twice.  We met once to plan, and once to actually install it, which only took about two hours.  We all did a great job and I am fully impressed with what we pulled off!
I will add pictures of the final window soon,... Hopefully


My write up:
I am inspired by romantic, organic pieces; my board is an airy feminine take on fall.  Fabrics that would be used in my display would be sheers, flowing fabrics, fabrics with sheen, and delicate laces.  The colors that drove my inspiration were, subdued shades of pinks, light peaches, and grays.  The props in my board are taken from a dreamy fall night outdoors, adorned with a comfortable lounge of pillows and blankets scattered about the ground, and sheer draped fabrics above to create a cozy nook.  Lanterns with candle lights around the lounge for ambiance, along with the stars above.  About three stump tables to lift a glass of champagne and a snack from the ground.  – Toni Lorentzen

This is the board that I did for my visual display window, we used my inspirations as well as a combination of the other group members inspirations

Click Here for the finished product

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