Wednesday, 11 November 2009


New guitar for babies, and new boots for me! The boots came to $115 and I only paid $35 with my gift cards! they are Steve Madden if anyone is interested, sadly I could not find them online. I also bought a little black cardigan type jacket, nothing special. Came home to clean and do some homework, then back out I go for some Nip/Tuck

Oh yes, it made me laugh to myself that my boyfriend is wearing #1 a purple shirt, as apposed to dark grey or black, and #2 Forever 21 jeans and v-neck. Usually Nate only gets more expensive things. He looks very cute though.

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  1. Hello mon cherie, a kiss on you!
    Come back, keep following me ;)

    "I'd like my work to let the person who wears it be whatever she is" - Haider Ackermann