Thursday, 17 February 2011

Olivia of B.U.U.


This is Olivia, she is visiting from China, She goes to school at Beijing Union University!
She is showing us how talented she is at draping using a single pice of fabric!


Well, obviously she is EXTREMELY talented


This is a sketch that Olivia did on the computer
She first "draped" the dress, adding wires to make the petals on the side
Then after she took a picture of her design undid it
It is very unfortunate that the designs cannot be kept intact, but at least she has pictures!
So, any way, this is a sketch she did of one of the dresses she made!


This is a picture of all the students in Olivia's class and all of their draped dresses!
Olivia is in the bottom row with the petal dress that is sketched in the photo above.
(Sorry for the poor quality)

Olivia's teach "Jean" is very talented as well, I tried to find them online, but was unsuccessful
Windy, "Jean's" translator, and "Jean" did a great presentation and fashion in China. They talked about the history and the culture, it was amazing to hear about. They were lots of fun and did a great job on talking to the class about China and their fashion.
It was a wonderful experience!


  1. oh, i didn't make the dress the (mine) under the pictures means that i took it, i try to tag the pictures depending where i got them so people can look back at the different web sites, thanks though!