Thursday, 17 February 2011

Valentine's Day


I had this great idea for a Valentine's Day decoration, my boyfriends mom had this large glass apothecary which she did not know what to fill with sooo
I said we should make love letters!
The end product is not exactly what I had in mind, but it is still pretty cute,
She also added a bunch more after the picture was taken.


UnderShirt-American Eagle
Skirt-Vintage (My Little Gram's)
Shoes (which you can't see :c)-Charlotte Russe, Black Cage (weird, I know)
Hat-Vintage, Resistol
Shoes-John Varvatos, Grey Chukkas

My boyfriend and I went to Prescott for Valentine's Day,
We had a picnic,
Went to all of the antique stores, these were the only pictures I took :c
I bought Nathan an $8.00 Banana Republic sweater, a vintage fedora, and a vintage vest!
Then we ate at Chili's because I had spent a lot of money that day,... Haha, romantic!


I bought this shoe form from one of the antique stores, I am going to use it for a little display once I have my own place.
There were also a bunch of old wooden spools and bobbins that would be fun to use!

("Graffiti" in Austin Texas)

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