Friday, 10 June 2011


We almost bought a lamp similar to this beautiful one, but this one is about $200 and new, and the one I saw was $20 and an antique store! Sadly, with it being an antique there had to be a problem, the on and off switch was missing... The clerk told us to come back in a week and he would have up fixed, but now I have no money, yay.

This was taken at FOUND, a very inspiring, and expensive store... I LOVE EVERYTHING IN IT! In the picture you can see a couple of the lighting options they sell at the store, and just these four are beautiful! I love the flatware one, and will hopefully make some pendants of my own one day. Below is a detailed picture of a flatware chandelier for, I am pretty sure it is the same sold at FOUND as well.

It is so pretty!

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