Friday, 1 July 2011

DIY Salon Trolley

So within the next couple of years my boyfriend and his dad are supposed to be opening a salon. I decided I should be the one who gets to design it! I have been putting together ideas and I am leaning toward an industrial/retro look, with brick and fun patterns. I was scouting necessities and everything I am looking for is very expensive of course. Every station, will have one trolley that the stylist will keep their belongings in. There will be about 10 stations in total, and each trolley will have two baskets.


(Ace Hardware)

Wheels: $3 a piece and HomeDepot. $120
Baskets: $8 a piece at Ace Hardware. $160
Wood: Unknown (Haha)

The end product will be significantly cheaper than buying one trolley for over one hundred dollars

Maybe I will build one soon just to see how they would turn out, Nothing is for sure about the salon yet so I have a lot of time.

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