Saturday, 12 November 2011

Visual Display

Fun visual display project!
Next week we are constructing foam board models, of our stores.

Anthro Fixtures


For my visual display class we have a project were we are to come up with a store layout, we are allowed to change an existing store, or make up a new one.  I decided to create an Anthropologie boutique, called Anthro, which would be a mini version of the store that concentrates on apparel.

The top picture is a layout I created using the internet program FloorPlanner, and the Polyvore I did are the fixtures and furniture that will be used in my stores opening.  So far I have decided that Anthro will only be selling apparel, jewelry, accessories, limited lounge, and our popular candles.

This is really an exciting project!  It is fun figuring out where everything should go, and how much space you are going to need after factoring in fitting rooms, and the back out the store.

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