Friday, 19 August 2011

Feather Earings

I feel like they really weren't the effort though, the supplies were about $8.00 all together, which isn't that bad, all of which I will continue to use.
I still have a lot of feathers left, I would really like to do a HUGE cluster earring

I think I feel unsure about these earrings for two reasons:
1- They are super trendy and everyone has them,.. But I have always loved feathers...
2- I purchased must of the feathers in these earrings at a Sportsman's Warehouse, an associate at the store talked to my me and my sister for a half an hour about how everyone is buying all their feathers, which you would think is a good thing, profit? Of course though, the feathers have to come from some where, and the most popular feathers come from specially breed birds, all of which are being snatched up rapidly. The man told us they are selling online for hundreds of dollars, since they are not available at any stores any longer. The birds are completely featherless now probably and fly fishers are getting angry.

Good thing I purchased less popular feathers?

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