Friday, 19 August 2011

Project Runway Season 9

(Bert- Episode 1)

(Anthony Ryan- Episode 2)

(Kimberly- Episode 4)
(All Photos From Lifetime)

I have only posted my favorites of episode 1,2, & 4. I do not even want to talk about episode 3.
K, so let me just say, I have good feelings about a lot of people this season, I had high hopes for Julie, but obviously that didn't work out, the collection she showed before the competition started was great, but other then that her sense of style fell flat. I really, really, like Anthony Ryan, I think it is great that he is colorblind and still can make such amazing looks. Oliver is ADORABLE, his work is great and I have a feeling he is the winner. Anya is such a badass, sewing for 4 months?!

1st episode- Bert did a great job, minus his horrible styling, as soon as I saw it i was like WINNING!

2nd episode- I think that Oliver did a great job with his design, however, I do believe that he did not totally follow the competitions rules. Anthony Ryan's dress was so edgy and thoughtful, I think truthfully he should have one this episode.

3rd- No.

4th- Kimberly definitely deserved to win, her outfit was great, she listen to Nina, and she did a great job with her design and the tailoring. I was disappointed with Anthony Ryan, and Becky did a great job. I thought it was a little unfair that there was so much helping going on, don't get me wrong, it was the nice thing to do and you can understand how frustrating and nerve wrecking the competition is, but it is also not about helping each other out.. I loved Anya's fabric choice, I am surprised that Nina liked the Jumpsuit. If Kimberly didn't win Viktor was totally the next option. Oliver, hmm.. Laura's look was really cool, and I liked its structure, I think if she chose a different fabric maybe she could have one.

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