Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Project Runway season 9 episode 5

K, so let me start out by saying Project Runway is starting to bug me, this season, as well as last season.  Last season seemed to be much more drama filled than it has ever been, and this season seems to be following the same trend.  I also do not like the fact that there has not really been any straight forward challenges, does anyone else feel like this, or am I just done with the show?

So Viktor won this episode, which I think was well deserved, I also really liked Josh's look.  I think that the challenge was a little strange, because all fashionistas would agree that sneakers should really only be worn when actually working out?  I think that a lot of the designers did a really great job with this in mind though, Viktor's actually looked wearable, sneakers and all.

I am also rethinking my prediction of Oliver winning...  We will have to see I guess.

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