Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Back To school(summer-fall)

Back To school(summer-fall)

$98 - anthropologie.com

$98 - anthropologie.com

Pour La Victoire criss cross shoes
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Fossil jewelry
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Lace jewelry
$32 - anthropologie.com

Floral shawl
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Artist Circle Lunch Box
$16 - elliottlucca.thesak.com

Bamboo usb flash drive 2g
$10 - hotref.com

Today was my first day back to school, I have a lot of new teachers to get to know, so excited for this semester! I already got through my first class, which is Intro to fashion Merchandising, even though I am almost through my associates. My teacher seems like a great teacher, which experience. I also meet a teacher for my visual display class who has worked with American Apparel and Marc Jacobs, he obviously has some awesome experience and is young and seems to be a fun guy!
CAN"T WAIT TO LEARN and stay busy!

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